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As of today, according to this query there are 55, 498 different tags used on Stack Overflow.

Also as of today, I have only 103 tags associated with my account, with only very few having votes.

One tag, Lua, is the only tag with double-digit votes (60), and the only tag my post a double-digit number of times (69).

I plan on embarking on a “tag trek”, an exploration of programming-related tags, with the purpose of both broadening and deepening my programming knowledge and skill-set. I will publish short posts, as often as possible, on the tags I am exploring and what I am learning. Ideally, each post will represent a small, single unit of useful knowledge about that tag. The emphasis will be on ‘useful’. With each post, the reader should be able to do something to practice, apply, or at least better understand some aspect of the tag topic. Short posts. Practical. Useful. A ‘micro-skill’, if you will - no long and comprehensive posts that make the reader follow along on my pet projects. Instead, each post should offer a small nugget of goodness that the user can apply as they wish.


Broaden More tags here on my site. More tags on my Stack Overflow account.

Deepen More posts for a particular tag. Here, and on SO.