Bezier, Fibonacci and Newton
Brian Olive
by Brian Olive
~1 min read


  • Programming


  • codea
  • physics
  • curves

Below you’ll find a video that demonstrates a small application that I developed in Codea as a way to explore some important concepts that I’d like to master and then apply to future development, be it in games or in data and algorithm visualization.

To make curves, I took a close look at how Bezier curves are implemented. In particular, I found this site to be a gem (Thanks @TheRealPomax !).

The Fibonacci spiral and grid were just a way to bring some focus to the video. The application in action is much more free form - you can draw and adjust, delete control points, snap, or not, to the grid, and trigger the downpour of blue balls.

Finally, I did not want to just draw curves, but I wanted them to be physics bodies. This is where there’s application value going forward. I want to use a utility program like this to help write code for physics terrains in games, be it predefined scenes, or perhaps used in infinite 2D scrolling scenarios. We’ll see where it goes…